The Original Pet Pedi Sock, LLC

The Safe Way to Dremel! AND...Introducing the first "breathable" traction socks! 
Perfect for slippery surfaces. Great for dogs with arthritis, or mobility issues. 
WARNING...not recommended for dogs who chew. Choking hazzard.
  Patent Pending                 The Pet Pedi Sock is a registered Trademark                        Made in the USA


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How to measure for the Breathable Non Slip Sock

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LickOChops Food Additive for Picky Eaters

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If you haven't tried this product from, you should! It will make the pickiest eater (Ms. Simone) gobble up her home cooked meal, plus add the nutrients she needs to stay strong and healthy!

Pet Video Verify ??? Pet Microchip Alternative

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Pet Video Verify’s software is video identification for your pet!

Today lost and found pets are a big issue. Many pet owners have high anxiety that their pet is going to get lost. They should be worried, the statistics are that many pets do get lost, it is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will get lost sometime time in their lifetime. If you don’t act quickly and have systems in place, you may never see the pet again. Pet Video Verify is developing applications that help you put systems in place that help manage your pets better with this website.

Pet Video Verify pet video identification system is a patent pending system. This video identification system is trying to revolutionize how lost pets are found and returned to the owner. In the current version of the web application, the pet owner looks over the pet for special attributes and takes measurements, then they video the pet including the special attributes and measurements, you can see an example of a video identification by clicking here. When all these special attributes and measurements are put together, virtually any pet can be identified. A video of your pet is a lot better way to identify them because with a video you can get all parts of the pet’s body. In the future, we are going to include electronic measurements of the pet in the video!

Pet Video Verify has integrated another application into its software and it is the ability to store pet medical records online by visiting here. When you have access to your pet medical records online, you can access the medical records anytime you need them from any device that is connected to the Internet. Keeping your pet medical records online also help veterinarians because if your pet gets lost and ends up at the vet, the vet may not know the identity of your pet. The vet can use the video identification to identify your pet and also pull your pet's medical records! Very helpful and can save your pet's life!

Pet Video Verify has an application where pet owners can sell their used pet items to other pet owners. Pet owners search the Internet looking for pet items. Many would prefer pet items that have already been used and that the owner needs to get rid of, which can be found here. They can search Pet Video Verify for these items and contact the owner to purchase those items.

Pet Video Verify also receives pet coupons from major retailers at their site. We receive the coupons or deals from big retailers such as PetSmart! We push the coupons and deals directly to our users helping them find deals on new items that they need for their pet! We are getting new advertisers all the time so we receive lots of good coupons and deals!

Pet Video Verify also has a pet supply store for when you want new pet items instead of used ones! We are updating these new pet items all the time. Check out these items by clicking here!

You can also post your cute pet pictures for everyone to see on our website. People love cute pet pictures because they bring joy to their life. Pet owners love posting them because they are proud of their pet and they want them to bring joy to other people. Also, look at funny pet videos by clicking here!


Pet Video Verify ??? Pet Microchip Alternative!!!

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http:/  Click on the link to learn more! Great alternative to the microchip! 

The Lord's Day

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It's the Sabbath...GOD's Holy Day...Sunday is NOT God's Holy's from the Pagan calendar we're made to follow. Spend some time with Him today....just you, Him and no distractions. When you sincerely seek Him, you will find Him....actually He's right there beside you waiting for you to notice Him. I heard something on the radio that made me sad for God on the way home from work yesterday..."He said, let there be light" because He'd been alone in darkness....that's sad, right? It's not true, because He IS light. He's always described as the bright light. He has his Angels (sons of God) so He's never been alone. But...I believe He gets lonely...I believe He misses us....we seem to only call on Him when times get tough, then when He answers our prayers, we tend to not need Him as much and stop talking to tells us in the Bible He is jealous for His Holy Name....He gets His feelings hurt when we worship the devil through paganism and forsake Him and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. There is no spin you can put on paganism to make it right. God says don't do it...get a spirit of obedience, not defiance. Realize how much your heavenly Father loves you, wants to spend time with you and wants to shower you with blessings. He did it all through the Old Testament for those who followed Him with pure hearts. There is nothing wrong with's the LOVE of money that causes the problem...we're seeing it live and in color in our government. GREED aka Love of money. Spend time with the Father, let Him tell you the next move to take...don't listen to people...we're all on the same Ferris Wheel. There's only one way off.

Pet Blessing

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 Henry and I had the pleasure of meeting Donna at the Houston Pet Expo this month! What an amazing, energetic, kind soul. Henry met her Saturday, but stayed home Sunday because he didn't feel well. I bought her book and she autographed it to her new friend...he was thrilled when I gave it to him! Find her on Facebook and get her book! You will be glad you can't put it down once you start reading!




May the shelters be empty and everyone have a home where they feel safe, protected and free.

For the dogs, I hope you are blessed with an endless supply of sticks to chase, balls to fetch and that your loved one’s arms never tire.

I hope you are blessed with dirt to dig, miles and miles of room to roam, and for your own safety, you come when called.

I hope you are blessed with never-ending buffets filled with wet food and treats, but you don’t have to watch your weight.

For the cats, I hope you are blessed with a staff, that plant you beds of catnip and brings you an abundance of feathered wands, mouse toys and scratching post. And when you lose interest in those, in the first five minutes, that you have boxes of every shape and size to entertain you; and inevitably the rest of us.

No matter what kind of critter, we appreciate the funny videos you bring to our screens, your slobbery kisses and sandpaper tongues. We appreciate the joy you bring to our hearts and the peace you bring to our minds.

We humans believe our job is to rescue you, but really, the opposite is true.

I hope everyone is blessed with happiness, great health and tons of prosperity and that we all live, like somebody left the gate open.




Donna Fuller: Speaker, Comedian & Author


Happy Work. Happy Life. An Inside Job.

Humorous work stories of how the healing power of pets saved my sanity 512-332-6408


Houston Pet Expo 2016!

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Good morning!

We're at the Houston Pet Expo this weekend!  (it's at the Pasadena Convention Center, not the GR Brown this year)

Come out and find Booth # 427!

Hope to see you there!


My Cool Inventions Radio Show!

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I was interviewed last Tuesday on the My Cool Inventions Radio Show! Had a great time talking with John and so thankful to be able to present The Pet Pedi Sock to the radio audience!

If you missed the Interview, here's the link!

So many great ideas out there...even one for a disposable toothbrush for dogs!

Personal Comment

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Thought I'd address a couple of comments made on my page. First of all...the Pet Pedi Sock is designed to prevent pain for long haired dog breeds. Solving a problem most pet parents are not even aware of because they don't groom their own dogs. In no way do I intend to hurt the grooming business. I'd rather have an honest person telling me an issue, than assuming I know it when I ask to have Simone's nails ground instead of clipped. I've had Groomers verbally attack me because this will slow down their process. (a few, not many. Most think it's a great idea) This product will actually increase business for the Groomer who wants to pamper a pet. As soon as they start telling their clients the benefits of the sock, not only will business increase, but they will gain the trust of the pet owner, not to mention the pet. Dogs remember pain. Second..Yes, the cost is high. I refuse to send my product to China to have it manufactured even though it would only cost me 5 cents a sock. I'd rather give a manufacturer in America the work to keep Americans working. After joining the Houston Inventors Association, I've spoken with too many people who have complained about the delivery time and the quality...I will sacrifice neither. For now, I make the socks myself. I am talking with a manufacturer because I'm starting to have difficulty keeping up with demand. The greatest compliment I receive is when I hear, "Why didn't I think of that?!" I often hear that from Groomers. So instead of finding negative, let's remember the reason for the sock. It's to protect a long haired dog breed who cannot talk...he/she can't tell you their paw hair is being ripped out by a rotary tool. It's no different than trying to protect an infant.

Herbs for Cancer in Dogs

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Herbs can be used in conjunction with conventional dog cancer treatments as a supportive adjunct. There are quite a few herbs that have anti-cancerous and immune-boosting properties, such as red clover, astragalus, garlic, turmeric...

Food Allergies in Pets

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4. What are the common food culprits?

Several studies have shown that some ingredients are more likely to cause food allergies than others are. In order of the most common offenders in dogs:



Dairy products (milk)




Chicken eggs


As you may have noticed, the most common offenders are the most common ingredients in dog foods. This correlation is not a coincidence. While some proteins might be slightly more antigenic than others, many proteins are similar in form and the incidence of allergic reactions is probably associated with the amount of exposure.

(Foster and Smith)

Food Allergies in Pets

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3. What’s the difference between a food allergy and food intolerance?

Food allergies are true allergies and show the characteristic symptoms of itching and skin problems associated with canine and feline allergies. Food intolerances can result in diarrhea or vomiting and do not create a typical allergic response. Food intolerances in pets would be similar to people who get diarrhea or an upset stomach from eating spicy or fried foods. Fortunately, both food intolerances and allergies can be managed with a diet free from offending agents.

(Smith and Foster)