How to Use the Sock How to Use the Sock Patiently Waiting 203514325 Very Hairy Paw The hair was trimmed away from the pads after this photo. This is to show how much hair the sock can hold out of the way. 203514326 The Sock! 203514327 Hands Free Grooming! The mesh side goes on the side with the nails. Slide the elastic loop over the sock to hold in place. Now you have hands free grooming! 203514328 Gently push nails through. 203514329 Dremel, Clip or Paint 203514330 Relaxing - Not Fearing Pain. Simone lays on her bed until all four paws are more jerking out of fear of getting hurt again. Spa Day should be as relaxing for them as it is for us! 203514331