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Breathable Non Slip Traction Sock - 2 per pkg $19.99 (Special Order to fit your Pup!)


One pair will last several months.

A breathable sock to support paws from slipping on wood, linoleum, ceramic tile, and slick surfaces. It's great for pet's who have to use back brace's to walk, or older dogs with them that extra boost of confidence! 

Has a VELCRO ® brand loop at the top and comes with a package of self adhesive soft stretch bandage to hold in place under the joint, closer to the paw. This keeps the sock from twisting on the paw.

Each pair of socks comes with a roll of self adhesive bandage. Wrap the bandage above the paw to prevent the sock from twisting.


Enter measurements here. Pet must be standing for accurate measurement for the traction socks! See the chart provided to find the hock or 'elbow'.

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