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Know someone with a long haired breed who hates having it's paws/nails worked on? It could be because the paws are sensitive from the paw hair getting caught in the dremel barrel. It spins so fast that when it catches hair, it yanks and pulls...which hurts. Pets remember pain. They will pull back those paws because they 'think' they're getting hurt again. Put a Pedi Sock on that paw! Holds the hair out of the way so the Groomer can paint, clip, or dremel without having to hold silky hair out of the way at the same time. It will take a few times for the pet to get comfortable with it, but once he/she realizes they're not getting that paw hair pulled, they relax and can actually enjoy the pampering. 

And that is what it's all about....spoiling those fur babies!

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