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2015 Update!!!!

Wow!!!!  It's been almost a year since I posted in here!!! I stay busiest on the Facebook page answering questions and posting information for pet owners. A lot has happened since last year! Waiting on the Patent to be granted, and the registering of the Trade Mark. We have one company promoting the Pet Pedi Sock for us and another wanting to help us license! Working on a new video this weekend for that! So excited and so thankful to all our great customers who helped spread the word about the Pet Pedi Sock. I had no idea there were as many pet parents as I who did not realize our pets were being harmed when it came to the pedicure. It's a grooming revolution!!!!


Hope everyone has a safe and restful 4th of July...and remember to watch those pets....shelters have the highest number of lost pets during this weekend!

Stay safe and God Bless!!!


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