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At the Vet with Simone

I took Ms. Simone in for her annual visit yesterday to Banfield's. Simone and I were waiting our turn to see the Vet when a customer walked up to speak to Simone. Everyone calls her "Lady" when they meet cool, because when I was little and watched Lady and the Tramp, I wanted a doggie just like I have one just as precious and sweet. The lady mentioned how well groomed she was and I thanked her because I had to learn to do it since she refused to go back to the groomer. The lady also has a Cocker, an older male and she said she has the hardet time with his nails...I just happened to have a package of Pet Pedi Socks in my bag. I handed it to her, told her how I came up with the idea and she was thrilled. I walked her over to the grooming tools inside PetSmart and got her clippers, rotary tool and the packing if she clips too short. She was happy, PetSmart made several sales off my free package of socks, and our visit with the Vet went smoothly compared to last year. Checked my web site a few minutes ago and could not believe the orders I have! When we do something nice for others, it always comes back to us doubled or tripled! 

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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