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First Day of Summer!!!!

Time for those summer cuts! Don't forget the Pet Pedi Sock for the long haired fur babies! 

Stop yanking or pulling out the paw hair with a rotary tool!

It takes a little work getting a dog used to the Pet Pedi Sock, just like letting them get used to a rotary tool.

The goal is to pamper a pet, not terrorize it.

When introducing the dog to Pedi Paws (not a dremel, that belongs in a man cave) wear out a set or two of batteries. Let the dog bark at it, snif and growl. That noise is not normal to them, they have very sensitive hearing.

The grinding is ideal for smoothing out AFTER clipping, not to give that constant irritating sensation through their toe nail. 

If you're not sure what they are feeling, grab a Pedi Paws and a Dremel. Pick a fingernail on YOUR hand...try both.

If you don't groom your dogs, take a package of socks to your groomer and ask for it back after use. It WILL have snags on it. That's how many times the rotary tool would have caught or yanked out your pet's paw hair.

Check out the web site for sizes and prices. 

Your pet will thank you!


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