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First Time Use of Socks

One of my customers told me their groomer had a hard time keeping the sock on the dog as he wanted to keep pulling if off. (There are elastic straps to help keep it in place). First, this is a new thing for a dog, they have to get comfortable with it. It is designed to speed the process up for the groomer; and no more pulled, tangled or as one customer put it, "yanked out hair" for the dog. Make sure to have your groomer watch the video on the web site to see how to use the sock. There is nothing on the market like this, so the groomer hasn't seen it either. Once they see how easy it makes their job, they will start using it. Once the dog realizes the hair won't be yanked out any more, he/she will sit just as still as Simone does now. She didn't like it at first either



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