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Great Safety Tips!

For those of us who leave our Cocker Spaniels home everyday when we go to work, house fires are a constant source of worry. Here are five things you can do to improve fire safety for your dogs.


1. Leave your dogs close to an entrance, preferably in a kennel or dog crate, or confined in a way that allows them to be rescued easily.

2. Place pet alert decals on a window or door closest to their location. Include the number and type of pets to help first responders rescue your dogs first.

3. Confine young dogs to prevent curious pups from starting fires, again in a crate or behind secure baby gates.

4. Practice escaping with your dogs - keep collars and leashes accessible in case of an emergency. I have kennel leads stashed in nearly every room of my home.

5. Consider using monitored smoke detection in conjunction with your burglar alarm service.


Many home fires begin in an attached garage. Be sure you have a smoke detector in this area. Don't leave your puppies or dogs in the garage at night or when you're not at home. And plan your escape route through the opposite end of the house.

You can find more tips at Patti Johnsons Facebook Page!

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