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How to Video is Posted!

Finally! Our How to Video is on the web site, on our Facebook page and on You Tube!

If you're wondering how it works, just watch the video on the first page of the web site.

Simone sits perfectly still now, but when I first started grooming her, she was pulling her paws away, running and was really difficult.

Once she got used to the sound of the grinder (that took a while because the sound irritated her) and she realized it wasn't pulling her paw hair anymore, she calmed down. Pedicures are a breeze now...she really is being pampered!

Check out the video, and if your Groomer is not using The Pet Pedi Sock, give them one to use on your pet. Ask for it back at the end of the session. If your Groomer uses a grinder after clipping, there may be snags on the sock, that's ok. If it makes a hole, DO NOT use!  Toss it in the trash and use a new sock for the next grooming session.

The sock is easy to clean. Simply hand wash and air dry.

The snags show how often the hair would have been pulled or tangled in the grinder had the sock not been on.


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