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Improving the Product!

Today, after meeting with another Groomer, she mentioned the sock is difficult to put on. After taking another look at our design, we've widened the opening for easier application. I've gone to my seamstress this afternoon and we've started on a new batch of socks. The socks she made for me today will be sent to Groomers to test with the understanding the sock sold on the site will be easier to put on the dogs feet. I'm so glad we can bring this product to you. As a Cocker Spaniel mommy, I respect the time and effort it takes to groom her. I started grooming her myself, and found the grinder to be a wonderful tool, but it catches the hair. I've had several Groomers tell me, it doesn't matter how long you've been grooming, you'll catch hair. Once you use a sock, you'll see how often it will 'snag' the sock...which should give you an idea of how often the hair gets caught. It also makes perfect sense now as to why she would jerk her paw away from, she sits there while I clip and grind her nails. Right now, the sock is only made in one will fit a paw measuring 2 - 3 inches across the top of the paw. If there is a request, we will work on a larger design. We've already had requests for smaller dogs, and we're trying to create a smaller version of the sock. I want to thank the Groomers who have tested it, so far everyone loves the product with the exception of getting it over the paw. That problem is solved. If you have any questions about The Pet Pedi Sock, please email or call! 


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