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Interesting Information!

Good morning!

Found this in our email today and thought we'd share!


Did You Know? Cocker Spaniel Fact:


In the United Kindgom and much of the world, the name "Cocker Spaniel" refers to what is known as the the English Cocker Spaniel in the United States, while in the US the name "Cocker Spaniel" refers to what the rest of the world calls the "American Cocker Spaniel."


Cocker Spaniel Health Tip:


Skin problems in Cocker Spaniels can be due to many factors, including the type of dog food, allergies, dirt, and fleas. So, feed your dog a quality food without artificial ingredients or anything from China, bathe your cocker at least once a month with a dog shampoo containing tea tree oil, and kill fleas early in the season.


If your dog is still suffering after a month or two of good maintenance, be sure to visit your veterinarian to rule out any serious health issues.

(The Cocker Spaniel Fan Club by Patti Johnson)

If you have not seen their Facebook page, check it out for great information!

Have a great day!

The Pet Pedi Sock Team

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