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Pedicure Tips!

Since creating the Pedi Sock to groom Simone's nails, she is so relaxed during the pedicure. She doesn't jerk her paws from me, she lays there and sometimes actually naps. I finished all 4 paws in less than 20 minutes about 5 minutes ago, gave her a treat and she's as happy as can be. Having to learn to do her nails was scary at first, but since she refused to continue going to her Groomer, I had no choice. Today I found the absolute easiest way to do her nails is sitting on the floor, with her on her back cradled in my legs...laying her in her bed would work too.

I found if I clipped the nails first then put the sock on, it was harder to put the sock on because the clipped nail is rough. So, personal tip...put the sock on first, guide each nail through, finish it and move on to the next one. I must have snagged the sock about 10 times trying to work a really stubborn nail. It had been hidden and became too curved to push through the sock, so I clipped that one and then pushed it through the sock to grind off the rough areas. She never jumped or moved when I'd snagged the sock. I really admire Groomers, that can be a stressful job!

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