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Thought I'd address a couple of comments made on my page. First of all...the Pet Pedi Sock is designed to prevent pain for long haired dog breeds. Solving a problem most pet parents are not even aware of because they don't groom their own dogs. In no way do I intend to hurt the grooming business. I'd rather have an honest person telling me an issue, than assuming I know it when I ask to have Simone's nails ground instead of clipped. I've had Groomers verbally attack me because this will slow down their process. (a few, not many. Most think it's a great idea) This product will actually increase business for the Groomer who wants to pamper a pet. As soon as they start telling their clients the benefits of the sock, not only will business increase, but they will gain the trust of the pet owner, not to mention the pet. Dogs remember pain. Second..Yes, the cost is high. I refuse to send my product to China to have it manufactured even though it would only cost me 5 cents a sock. I'd rather give a manufacturer in America the work to keep Americans working. After joining the Houston Inventors Association, I've spoken with too many people who have complained about the delivery time and the quality...I will sacrifice neither. For now, I make the socks myself. I am talking with a manufacturer because I'm starting to have difficulty keeping up with demand. The greatest compliment I receive is when I hear, "Why didn't I think of that?!" I often hear that from Groomers. So instead of finding negative, let's remember the reason for the sock. It's to protect a long haired dog breed who cannot talk...he/she can't tell you their paw hair is being ripped out by a rotary tool. It's no different than trying to protect an infant.

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