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Pet Blessing


 Henry and I had the pleasure of meeting Donna at the Houston Pet Expo this month! What an amazing, energetic, kind soul. Henry met her Saturday, but stayed home Sunday because he didn't feel well. I bought her book and she autographed it to her new friend...he was thrilled when I gave it to him! Find her on Facebook and get her book! You will be glad you can't put it down once you start reading!




May the shelters be empty and everyone have a home where they feel safe, protected and free.

For the dogs, I hope you are blessed with an endless supply of sticks to chase, balls to fetch and that your loved one’s arms never tire.

I hope you are blessed with dirt to dig, miles and miles of room to roam, and for your own safety, you come when called.

I hope you are blessed with never-ending buffets filled with wet food and treats, but you don’t have to watch your weight.

For the cats, I hope you are blessed with a staff, that plant you beds of catnip and brings you an abundance of feathered wands, mouse toys and scratching post. And when you lose interest in those, in the first five minutes, that you have boxes of every shape and size to entertain you; and inevitably the rest of us.

No matter what kind of critter, we appreciate the funny videos you bring to our screens, your slobbery kisses and sandpaper tongues. We appreciate the joy you bring to our hearts and the peace you bring to our minds.

We humans believe our job is to rescue you, but really, the opposite is true.

I hope everyone is blessed with happiness, great health and tons of prosperity and that we all live, like somebody left the gate open.




Donna Fuller: Speaker, Comedian & Author


Happy Work. Happy Life. An Inside Job.

Humorous work stories of how the healing power of pets saved my sanity 512-332-6408


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