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Pet Parents

Pet Parents...if you have dogs with long paw hair, particularly Cocker Spaniels and the like...and if you've ever groomed them, you know how easy it is to get that paw hair caught in the grinder after clipping. The Pet Pedi Sock eliminates that problem! Simply slip the sock over the paw, strap the elastic crosswise to hold the sock in place and gently guide each nail through it's own hole on the mesh side of the sock. You will be amazed at how easy it is to complete a pedicure. If you take your dogs to a Groomer, hand them a sock and ask them to use it during the clipping and grinding process. They will be amazed at how quickly they complete the pedicure without having to untangle paw hair from the grinder. The grinder is a wonderful tool, I use it on my own Cocker Spaniel...which is why I designed this sock. Even after trimming her paw hair, I still had to fight to hold it out of the way of the grinder. Try it, after you see how often the grinder will snag the sock, you will see how many times it catches paw hair. Keep the grinder and use a pedi sock!

The Pet Pedi Sock Team!

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