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Protecting Our Pets

If you have a Cocker Spaniel (or similar breed) with long paw hair, you need the Pet Pedi Sock! It protects your pet during the pedicure, keeping the long hair from getting caught in the rotary tool. Even with trimming the paw, there is still paw hair between the pads of the paw. Don't think you need one? Do a package of socks, (2 to a pack) take one to your Groomer and have them use it on your pet. Have them watch the video on the web site to see how easy it is to use. Ask for it back after they complete your pets pedicure. When you see how many times the sock was snagged or a hole is torn into it, that is how many times the rotary tool would have caught the hair. If after using the product, you don't feel your pet benefits from it, send it back for a full refund. That's how much I believe in this product! Our pets can't talk to us, so it's up to pet parents to look out for them.


The Pet Pedi Sock Team!

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