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Dog Grooming


"Great for home use or novice groomers, and jumpy touchy hairy dogs!

Works really well for holding hair out of the way of the tools. Great product! I've shared it with other Groomers I know!"

- Maxine, Owner/Groomer, Bunker Hill Groomers, Houston, Texas

Where oh where was this product when I was a groomer? The PediSock is such a great idea for those really fuzzy 4 legged babies, like my long haired dachshund Winston. His toe hair made nail trimming torture for HIM and I. This is one product that makes trimming his nails a nice easy process. No more holding his hair back with a few fingers, while holding his paw, while holding my nail trimmers or rotary tool all while he wiggled around to get free. This is an awesome tool for grooming whether it be at home or in a professional setting.

I can't wait to see these in stores everywhere!

- LaShelby R Pate Ex Dog Groomer Petstop 2 Houston, Texas


"I could have used this to keep my dog from licking his paws after applying medicine! "

- Carol, Customer, Houston Pet Expo

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