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Pet Pedicure Sock

The Pet Pedi Sock prevents your pets paw hair from tangling or getting ripped out by the rotary tool barrel. Rotary tool barrels spin very fast, catching hair and causing pain and stress for your pet.

Long paw hair, even after being trimmed gets caught by the rotary tool if the pet jumps or moves. If they've had that happen to them once, they never forget it.

A rotary tool when purchased at a pet store, comes with instructions of getting a dog comfortable with the noise, smell and feel. Do the same with the sock if needed. Let them smell it, bark at it, whatever they need to do until they get comfortable. It may take a few tries before you get all four paws completed, that's's supposed to be a pampering session, not torture.

The Pet Pedi Sock is a fantastic grooming tool. It holds long paw hair out of the way of while clipping or using the rotary tool for grinding rough edges. The rotary tool will snag the sock. Snags actually show how many times a rotary barrel would have tangled the hair in the barrel.

One sock can last years. The socks are easy to clean, simply rinse by hand with cold water and air dry. Get yours today and start pampering your pets.

  • Pet Pedicure Sock


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