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You've come to the right place if you are looking to improve the grooming experience for your pet! You will find Dog Grooming Socks. Pet Socks for Dremeling. Pet Socks for Painting Nails. And Breathable Traction Socks.  For more information please email us at:

Pet Pedi Sock with Dremel


The Pet Pedicure Sock - the Pet Sock for Dremeling! (The Original Pet Grooming Sock for Long Haired Breeds)

Prevents tangling long paw hair in fast spinning dremel barrels. Provides hands free grooming. Several sizes to choose from, including our "Groomer's Pack". 


The First BREATHABLE traction sock is here! Provides stability on slick floors, protection from hot or frozen sidewalks and hot sand.

Prevents slipping on tile and wood floors. Perfect for pets with mobility issues. (1) With dog standing, measure the width of the paws. (2) With dog standing, measure the paw from the toe to the back of the paw. (3) Now measure the legs with the dog standing, from the floor up 2" above the hock (see drawing on the web store page). (4) Add that measurement to the #2 paw measurement for the total length. Enter those measurements when you order. Easy VELCRO ® brand loop wraps above the hock 'elbow' joint on pets to keep in place. (not recommended for chewers)

To order the Pedicure Sock, measure across the paw, including all the hair. The sock comes in sizes XXS - XL with a decorative binding for a splash of color! Get the Socks for your pet today.

(VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.)

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Dog Grooming Sock

Hold paw hair out of the way for clipping, dremeling or panting nails!

The Pet Pedi Sock

1 sock per package $9.99

Groomer's Pack for Professionals

 The Groomer's Pack

 4 of the most popular sizes. $35.99

3/4 inch

1 1/2 inch

2 inch

3 inch 


Breathable Non-Slip Traction Sock

2 per pkg $19.99

(Special Order to fit your Pup!) Please call for measuring instructions to get your pet's perfect fit.

Bella modeling breathable traction socks

Bella modeling her Breathable Traction Socks for 24/7 comfortable wear!

Traction socks are special order for perfect fit.

Traction Socks are Special Order. See the chart to get the perfect fit for your fur baby!

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